2023 Pastured Chicken Bulk Packs


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Buy more at a time! 

Instead of buying a single chicken, this option cuts through the variables of individual weights. Our 10lb pack is approximately 2-3 chickens, our 25lb pack is approximately 4-6 chickens & our 50lb pack is 10-12 chickens depending on final weights. 

Our pasture raised chickens spend 8 weeks on pasture, moving to new grass daily and making the most of Alberta summers. Their full spectrum diet includes foraged grass as well as bugs & insects. They also enjoy a daily ration of herbicide & insecticide free locally grown grains mixed specifically for their needs. 

Pasture raised birds benefit from daily exercise and fresh air that commercial birds are deprived. Their bone structure, fat and muscling all reflect this! Nothing compares to a pasture raised bird! 

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